100 x 100

WALL 137

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WALL 137 (Wall-Series)


100 x 100 cm

Acryl on Canvas

"Introducing "WALL 137" - An Abstract Symphony of Urban Expression.

Step into the vibrant world of Max Sperber, an artist known for his abstract acrylic artworks on grand canvases. Immerse yourself in the realm of "WALL 137," a captivating gem created in 2023.

Measuring 100 x 100 cm, this exquisite artwork adorns a premium canvas, serving as a testament to Sperber's prowess in merging abstract techniques with the raw energy of street art. "WALL 137" transcends the boundaries of conventional abstraction, evoking the multi-layered essence of a graffiti-laden metropolitan wall.

Within the depths of this piece, Sperber employs a unique technique, wielding an extended brush to bring forth bold, black strokes that defy the norm. These striking lines, reminiscent of obscure faces and enigmatic expressions, coexist alongside the piece's dominant hues: a luminous, ethereal lilac, a resplendent, opaque turquoise, and a delicate, mint green. Veiled beneath these colors, the artwork reveals its underlying layers, revealing glimpses of its intriguing narrative.

Bathed in a delicate dance of white strokes, delicately fading and covering large sections with a gossamer-like veil, "WALL 137" balances lightness with depth. The interplay between the somber tones and radiant elements from the background grants this piece its enigmatic charm. It invites viewers to explore its intricate complexities, allowing for varying interpretations that adapt to one's mood. At once brooding and serene, this artwork possesses an unmistakable harmony that uplifts and enlightens.

True to Max's signature style, "WALL 137" showcases his use of diluted pigments, resulting in pastel-like undertones. Despite the multitude of layers, this painting maintains a graceful, flat composition. Accentuating this effect, the artwork is framed with a slim 2cm border, reducing its visual weight and enhancing its ethereal allure.

"WALL 137" is the latest addition to Max Sperber's acclaimed "Wall-Series". It encapsulates the essence of urban exploration, encapsulating the soul of a vibrant cityscape and presenting it in a mesmerizing symphony of abstract expression. The artwork demands a prominent place on a sizable wall, where its magnificence can unfold and captivate the senses.

Own a piece of Max Sperber's first series with "WALL 137" and invite the essence of urban feelings into your space. Experience the enigmatic narrative, bask in the harmonious interplay of colors, and embark on a journey that transcends traditional art forms."