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"BENDER 187" 2022

Graffiti Wall / Bender Futurama Smoking / 187

Größe: 100 x 100 cm (1 x 1 m)

Technik: Acryl / Sprayart

"Bender 187" is a stunning 100 x 100 cm acrylic painting on canvas that blends modern urban and street art elements with an abstract background. The lower part of the canvas is dominated by irregularly arranged black and white bars, while a bold green color appears to devour them from the top, creating an ordered yet dynamic effect. Throughout the canvas, bright and colorful droplets harmoniously complement the main colors, running down from the top of the canvas to the bottom. The centerpiece of the painting is the graffiti-style lettering in bright pink that reads "Electric Boogie," giving off a radiant glow at the center of the canvas. This lettering is partially overtaken by the vibrant colors from above, adding a sense of movement and depth to the composition.

The choice of "Electric Boogie" as the painting's title is a nod to a song by the 187 Straßenbande, a German rap group with connections to the country's graffiti scene. Additionally, the title references a dance style, which playfully alludes to the painting's main subject: Bender from Futurama. Bender is depicted in a multi-layered stencil that resembles an urban graffiti style, holding a joint while exuding a confident and rebellious attitude.

Overall, "Bender 187" is a vibrant and thought-provoking artwork that expertly combines street art and urban elements with an abstract background. Its use of bold colors, dynamic composition, and cultural references make it a must-have for any contemporary art collector."

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