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Mickey Mouse Chef / Koch / Dom Perignon / Restaurant Menu / Italian Food
100 x 100 cm (1 x 1 m)

Technik: Acryl

"Introducing "Pizza Pasta Topi" - a 100 x 100 cm masterpiece by a classic abstract acrylic artist with urban street art influences. This multi-layered painting features an abstract acrylic background in warm terra cotta tones with white color drops cascading down from the top edge, reminiscent of the walls of an old, yet vibrant Italian restaurant or trattoria with an outdoor terrace. The painting also showcases the prominent script "Pizza Pasta Topi" in the colors of the Italian flag, alongside a hand-painted Mickey Mouse wearing a pizza hat in pop art style. He kneads the pizza dough and smiles at the viewer, adding a playful and inviting touch to the painting. A large Dom Perignon bottle and a chalkboard menu complete the restaurant look.

"Pizza Pasta Topi" is a perfect addition to any kitchen and is especially suitable for restaurant owners who wish to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their establishment. The Italian vibe and Dolce Vita feel of the painting bring a unique touch to any space.

In summary, "Pizza Pasta Topi" is a stunning, multi-layered painting that captures the essence of an Italian restaurant. Its unique blend of classic abstract art and urban street art influences makes it a standout piece. Whether you're a fan of pizza, pasta, or Mickey Mouse, this painting is sure to delight."

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