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"SO MANY LAYERS 1", 2022

100 x 100 cm (1 x 1 m)

Graffiti Wall / Pink Panther - Nike - Gun - Jungle - Dollars - Cash

"In this striking abstract painting, the influence of urban and street art is unmistakable. The artist has seamlessly integrated their street art style into the mixed media painting, creating a multi-layered work that is sure to captivate viewers. The painting is anchored by a classic abstract acrylic base, which serves as a foundation for the many layers and elements that have been added.
Spray-painted elements add a gritty, urban texture to the piece, evoking the energy and vitality of the street. However, it is the inclusion of the iconic Pink Panther that truly commands attention. This beloved character stands out against the abstract background, drawing the eye and sparking the imagination.
The use of mixed media adds depth and complexity to the painting, creating a dynamic visual experience that invites the viewer to explore and discover. Overall, this painting is a powerful testament to the artist's skill and creativity, and a captivating addition to any collection."

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