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Pop Art / Street Art / Acrylgemälde / Spray Art / Pink Panther

Größe: 70 x 50 cm

""DEAD ANT" by Max Sperber is a stunning 70 x 50 cm abstract painting that combines urban art and graffiti influences. Despite being one of the artist's smaller works, it is one of his personal favorites and features a vibrant color palette of lime green and yellow, reminiscent of refreshing limeade. This is contrasted by a joyful turquoise color field descending from the top of the canvas, which adds a calming effect to the painting and draws attention to the main protagonist: a sensually gazing Pink Panther, spray-painted onto the canvas.

Sperber's urban art and graffiti background are evident in the way he seamlessly integrates the Pink Panther character into the painting, blending it harmoniously with the turquoise, which can be interpreted as representing the sky and a peaceful state of mind. This unique combination of cartoon imagery and abstract expressionism creates a captivating piece of art that is both playful and sophisticated."

"DEAD ANT" was sold in 2022 and is no longer available for purchase. However, the artist welcomes commission request for similar works.