60 x 50


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Pop Art / Street Art / Acrylgemälde / Spray Art / Monopoly

Größe: 60 x 50 cm

"Introducing "DOLLAR DAYS," a stunning 60 x 50 cm painting by abstract artist Max Sperber. With a background in urban art and graffiti, Sperber infuses his classic art education with street-inspired style in this striking piece.

Despite its smaller size, "DOLLAR DAYS" packs a powerful punch with its bold and vivid colors that immediately capture the viewer's attention. The painting features a simple yet elegant abstract background in a rich berry pink hue, overlaid with a vibrant turquoise graffiti-style text that reads "Another Day Another Dollar." This bold font and technique pays homage to Sperber's roots in graffiti art.

But the true star of the painting is the black stenciled Monopoly man, placed front and center in the composition. The use of stencil art is a nod to the influence of street art in Sperber's work, and adds an edgy and contemporary touch to the piece.

The bright and lively colors of "DOLLAR DAYS" make it an excellent choice for adding a pop of color to any space. Its smaller size is ideal for compact rooms or as an addition to a gallery wall. Don't miss the chance to add this unique and eye-catching piece to your collection."