50 x 40


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Pop Art / Street Art / Acrylgemälde / Spray Art / Burger King

Größe: 50 x 40


"WAKE ME UP" is a small but striking painting by Max Sperber, an abstract artist with a background in urban art and graffiti. Measuring 50 x 40 cm, this is the smallest work yet by the artist. The background of the painting is a vibrant and abstract sky-blue color, typical of Sperber's work. The painting is then overlaid with another color in pale sand/terracotta tones, reminiscent of the covering of graffiti art and partially painted walls.

The centerpiece of the painting is a playful reference to burgers and Burger King. The painting features a sprayed burger and a brightly colored Burger King logo, with the words "Wake me up for" written above, with an arrow pointing towards the Burger King logo. The painting is not intended as a commentary on consumer culture but rather a whimsical expression of the artist's playful spirit.

The soothing colors and compact size of the painting make it a perfect inspiration for any kitchen or dining space."


"WAKE ME UP" has already been sold and is no longer available, Max Sperber is happy to create similar commissioned pieces in any size and with any motif. As a skilled and experienced artist with a passion for abstraction and urban art, Sperber brings a unique and dynamic perspective to every project he undertakes.