60 x 50


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Pop Art / Street Art / Acrylgemälde / Spray Art / Bart Simpson / Bartman

Größe: 60 x 50 cm

"Save Walls" is an abstract acrylic painting by Max Sperber, an urban art and graffiti background artist. The background of the painting features earthy, light tones reminiscent of terracotta or repeatedly painted graffiti walls. True to the theme of layering, the calm background is partially overlaid on all sides with a bright and calming turquoise, adding another dimension to the piece. However, the focus of the painting is the acrylic painting of Bart Simpson in his guise as Bartman, which is a departure from the artist's usual sprayed Bart. This piece is one of the few pure acrylic works with a motif by Max Sperber. Despite its small size of only 60 x 50 cm, the painting has a radiant effect, great colors, and a space-encompassing, cheerful motif. It appears as if Bartman is swinging on his rope directly towards the viewer from within the painting. This artwork captures the essence of the artist's urban background and graffiti inspiration with its bright colors and layered imagery."