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Verkehrsschild  / roadsign / Alice

Durchmesser: 60 cm


"This is a unique work of art by the German artist Max Sperber, who is known for his versatility in both classic acrylic paintings and innovative pieces featuring cartoon motifs, heavily influenced by his urban and street art background. A genuine German traffic sign (60cm in diameter) transformed into a vibrant, edgy work of art. Created in 2023, this aluminum sign, originally blue and white, is now adorned with a multitude of colorful drops of paint, drawing the eye to the focal point of the piece: Alice (of Alice in Wonderland fame).

However, this isn't your typical Alice - she holds a small mountain of cocaine in one hand while pinching her nose shut with the other, poised to snort the drugs at any moment. Her pupils are dilated, and she exudes a sense of lostness and despair, as if she's been swallowed up by the frenetic energy of a nightclub. Alice's hair isn't the classic blonde, either - it's a vibrant neon yellow, painted with a light, transparent touch so that the traffic sign beneath still shines through. The spinning arrows on the sign harmonize with the chaotic, wild thoughts that seem to occupy Alice's mind.

This piece was inspired by the Paul Kalkbrenner song "Feed Your Head," and it captures the frenzied, surreal energy of the lyrics perfectly. As Kalkbrenner "sings" in "Feed Your Head,


One pill makes you larger

And one pill makes you small

And the ones that mother gives you

Don't do anything at all.


In this way, Max Sperber's "FEED YOUR HEAD" is a commentary on the destructive, addictive power of drugs, and the way that they can warp our perception of reality.

Despite the heavy subject matter, this piece is undeniably bright, colorful, and joyful. It catches the light beautifully and would make a bold statement in any room. And the best part? Max Sperber has access to all sorts of traffic signs and can create custom pieces tailored to your unique vision.

If you're looking for a modern, edgy work of art that reflects the vibrancy and complexity of the world we live in, "FEED YOUR HEAD" is a perfect choice."