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100 x 100 x 2 cm (1 x 1 m)

Acrylgemälde / Acryl on Canvas


"Maximilian Sperber, an abstract acrylic artist with street art influences, presents "FACES 1," a captivating artwork that combines vibrant colors and abstract elements. This large-scale painting on high-quality canvas showcases Sperber's signature style, drawing viewers into a world of energetic expression.

The background of the painting radiates with a bright and intense fuchsia hue, complemented by accents of light blue, creating a harmonious interplay of colors. Through a special brush technique, the artist applies black brushstrokes reminiscent of calligraphy, skillfully transforming them into abstract faces. The entire composition is delicately blended with a thin layer of white, lending the artwork a soft, ethereal quality.

"FACES 1" exudes a sense of joy and cheerfulness through its vibrant palette, yet it also evokes a subtle, somber atmosphere, intensified by the presence of melancholic smileys. The colors are applied with a thin and watery consistency, allowing them to retain their luminosity. The cascading drips and runs of paint evoke the imagery of a graffiti-adorned wall in a bustling city, adding an urban edge to the composition.

This captivating artwork brightens any space it inhabits, making it ideal for collectors who appreciate the allure of light colors and possess large walls to showcase this piece."

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