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Größe: 70 x 50 cm

Pop Art / Street Art / Acrylgemälde / Dagobert Duck

Handgefertigtes Acrygemälde

""CASHFLOW" is a striking abstract painting by Max Sperber, an artist with a background in urban art and graffiti. Measuring 70 x 50 cm, the artwork features a background of abstract acrylic in shades of pink, partially covered by a bright green color from the upper portion of the canvas. The technique used in this piece is reminiscent of the style used by graffiti artists to cover existing spray works. Throughout the canvas, you can also find colorful drops and splatters, adding an energetic feel to the artwork.

The main focus of the painting, however, is the artist's inspiration from the wealthy character of Dagobert Duck, who is depicted holding a stack of dollar bills. Unlike most of Sperber's works, the character of Dagobert (the German name for Donald Duck's wealthy uncle Scrooge McDuck) is not created with spray paint but also rendered in acrylic technique. The colorful drops and splatters surrounding the character and the background add depth and movement to the painting.

"CASHFLOW" is a striking piece that combines Sperber's background in graffiti and urban art with his abstract painting style. The use of vibrant colors and bold techniques captures the eye and creates a unique piece that is sure to make a statement in any space. Whether you are an art collector or simply appreciate bold, abstract artwork, "CASHFLOW" is a piece that is sure to impress."