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Acryl on Canvas


"Introducing "BENDERS IN PARIS" by Max Sperber – a captivating artwork created in 2023. Renowned for his abstract acrylic paintings on large canvases, Max Sperber seamlessly merges the influences of street art into his works. This particular piece is a striking fusion of these artistic styles.

The backdrop presents a highly abstract and cartoon-like interpretation of a landscape. In the foreground, a simplistic grassy expanse unfolds intentionally devoid of intricate details. Above the landscape, vibrant orange clouds or mountains emerge, painted in the color scheme reminiscent of the iconic Hermes logo, a renowned fashion brand. The incorporation of the Hermes logo into the artwork evokes a sense of harmony, where it becomes an integral part of the scenery. It requires a second glance to realize that the carriage, featuring a horse and rider, is, in fact, the logo itself.

The sky is a wild and vibrant amalgamation of dollar signs, spray-painted Louis Vuitton logos, and assorted shapes. This abstract painting of the sky, even without the other motifs, possesses its own aesthetic appeal, resembling a vibrant graffiti-covered wall in a bustling metropolis. Employing his characteristic use of multiple layers, Max Sperber includes a prominently sprayed Bender character from the television series Futurama along the left edge of the painting. This rendition of Bender deviates from the classic depiction, as he sports a luxurious white fur coat and adorned with golden rings on his fingers. The affluent Bender stands before Paris, pointing towards an immensely distorted Moet Chandon champagne bottle, partially obscuring the carriage. Situated at the right edge of the canvas, the bottle showcases the artist's unique style—a combination of traditional acrylic techniques and spray-painted elements. The golden bottle cap sparkles, creating a remarkable sense of depth within the artwork. The bottle itself possesses a slight translucency, allowing a glimpse of the underlying motif. Instead of the "MOET" inscription, Max Sperber replaces it with the wordplay "MAEX," a playful nod to the artist's name. The label on the bottle features a quote from UFC fighter Conor McGregor ("Apologize to absolutely nobody!")—an iconic phrase that echoes McGregor's own fashion statement, akin to Bender's resplendent white fur coat.

Overall, the painting exudes a vibrant and colorful aura. Due to its generous size of 100 x 100 cm, "BENDERS IN PARIS" is best suited for those with ample wall space to allow its full impact to shine. Given the meticulous layering process, which requires thorough drying after each application, this artwork represents one of the artist's more time-consuming endeavors. Max Sperber also welcomes commissioned works with a similar style, although they typically require approximately one month for completion."