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"ALEX 1"
⌀ 60 cm 

Street Art on a german Traffic Sign


"Experience the captivating fusion of abstract art and street influences with "ALEX 1," a rare artwork created by Max Sperber, an abstract acrylic artist. While Max typically creates large-scale abstract paintings on canvas, this particular artwork stands as a true gem. It is meticulously sprayed onto an authentic German traffic sign made of aluminum, measuring 60 centimeters in diameter. The spray technique employed allows for intricate lines and a remarkably clear composition, despite the smaller size compared to Max's usual large-scale works.

Breaking away from the typical speed limit numbers found on traffic signs, "ALEX 1" features the unique number "43" at the center. This personalized touch was a special request from the client, adding a touch of significance and individuality to the artwork. The vibrant colors and fluid paint drops applied to the sign harmonize flawlessly with the central motif.

Dominating the right edge of the sign, the artwork showcases the iconic cartoon character, Donald Duck, portrayed in a state of anger and aggression. Donald is depicted with an ice hockey stick, embodying the spirit of a hockey player ready to take action. This whimsical and energetic representation creates a dynamic visual narrative, as if Donald is about to step out of the painting and into the viewer's space.

"ALEX 1" is a celebration of vivid hues, radiating an abundance of colors that effortlessly illuminate any room. However, the inclusion of black paint drops and the melting "43" infuse the artwork with a sense of gravity and masculinity. This fusion of lively and somber elements produces a captivating juxtaposition, evoking a range of emotions from the viewer.

Please note that "ALEX 1" is a commissioned artwork and is not available for sale. However, Max Sperber has access to a wide range of traffic signs and gladly accepts custom orders. Regardless of the chosen motif, each sign is meticulously hand-painted and sprayed in Max's distinctive street art style, ensuring that every piece is a unique work of art."