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WALL 136

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"WALL 136", 2022

100 x 100 cm (1 x 1 m)

"Wall 136" is a captivating abstract acrylic painting on canvas that evokes the essence of a graffiti-covered wall in a bustling urban landscape. The artist's street art influence is evident in the dynamic splashes of color and the use of various brush sizes throughout the piece. While black and white are the artist's signature tones, a third color, light blue, adds a touch of serenity to the overall composition. Measuring 100 x 100 centimeters, "Wall 136" exudes both a stirring and calming effect, depending on the viewer's mood. The artwork brings a striking urban touch to any setting, making it the perfect contrast for both home and office spaces. With its unique blend of street art and abstract expressionism, "Wall 136" is an exceptional piece of art that will surely catch the eye of any art enthusiast looking for a modern and edgy addition to their collection."

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